Friday, 13 June 2014

Magazine questions

One of the two conventions that are used on this magazine are direct mode of address and the other is a celebrity that has been used on the front cover. These two conventions have been used to make the magazine more interesting and making you feel more involved. Direct mode of address males you feel involved because it is looking directly at the reader. If the celebrity was to look in a different direction you wouldn't feel as important. Also some of the cover lines are direct mode of address e.i "What your friends really think of you".

The layout of this magazine has been designed to help the main image stand out, all of the cover lines are not as obvious as the main image, they are a lot smaller which helps towards the main image standing out. The color choice makes the magazine seem like something that is aimed at the female audience. The colors pink, purple and white would interest females more than they would males. The typography is san serif that it is aimed at the less rich and sophisticated audience.

The are not that many issues with the representation of the magazine and the main image. She is not presented in a promiscuous way and is not wearing any tight clothing or anything that would represent them in a sexual way. You could argue that the way that she is looking on the magazine is slightly promiscuous, but apart from that there is nothing that would make main image seem promiscous. On the other hand some of the headlines may be considered promiscuous. One of the headlines talks about marriages and is usually on other magazines to. This represents females in a negative way because these type of magazines don't normally have much variety in subject. Most females do have other interest than just marriages, cooking and how you look.

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