Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Analysis 2

I agree with this statement as there are many points that show it. For example in many rap videos the girls are always dancing and be controlled by the men. The girls are always dressed in promiscuous clothing and constantly being starred at by the men as if they are entertainment and have no other reason for them to be there. The  actually put a lot of effort into it to be apart of the rap music video industry but a lot of them are rejected for ridiculous reasons. For example sometimes they are rejected because of there colour or how big their boobs and bums are. Some of the girls spend thousands to make themselves look good just to be apart of something that in some cases, they don't get payed for. The girls spend money on things like boob and bum implants and sometimes plastic surgery. These are all of the things that the producers are looking for in a girl wanting to be apart of a music video.

Sometimes there are adverts that go around advertising some sort of music video and that they are in need of dancers. So any girl who wants to be apart turns up and there and then they are told wether they are wanted or not. But in some cases girls have turned up thinking they are there for a music video but instead they have been sexually abused.

Still, after going through all of this the girls in the music videos still come across as sexual playthings and eye candy. I personally don't see how girls like being seen and treated like it but some agree with whats going on. They say its what the audience like and at the end of the day they get payed so from their point of view everyones a winner.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Presentation Evaluation

Ben and adam powerpinont from BenPaterson

WWW: Good description on each slide
WWW: It had a good and detailed analysis
WWW: Points were very clear and easy to understand

EBI: After finishing presentation go through it to double check there are no random slides or
 any spelling mistakes
EBI: Insert some pictures to make it more interesting
EBI: Make each slide more colourful by changing the background and the colour of the font

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Representation homework

I agree with all of these statements that are about hip hop music videos. In one of the statements it mentions that if they want to be a real man they have to be strong and tough, have lots of women and money. A lot of hip hop music videos have that feel to them as it is mainly just men with a lot of women, money and expensive items. For example in 50 cents video he spends his whole time either rapping in an expensive coat or leaning against a sports car. He is also rapping with a lot of women that seem to be controlled by him. In jayz's video theres a part were he is just throwing money in the air to other people as if he as millions to spare. At least one part of each video had the main rapper with his top of, showing that he is strong and tough. In jayz's video there is constant shots of this massive boat and in t-pains there is constant shots of these expensive clothes and cars.

Both of these hip hop videos give people the wrong idea in whats right and wrong. For example if someone made a lot of money and was interested in hip hop he would probably think that he is the best and everyone who has less than him should look up to him like he is the best, due to the amount of money he earns. This is one of the many points that hip hop music videos put across to other people watching. It gives people the wrong view on how to treat people and act when you are fortunate enough to have so much money. Another point is if a man has something wrong with him (either something medical or was just born with it) will never be able to get a girlfriend as he has to be very strong and well built, as hip hop videos show.