Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Photoshop logo evaluation

My image that I made using photoshop was made to look like a school logo. I used the colours green and black from the Ravenswood uniform to make it look mist like a school logo. I used many tools to edit my photo like gradient tool, the magic wand and the brush. I imported and used many images to help me with the overall logo. Some images that I found I used as a texture by adjusting the size and turning down the contrast and making it more transparent. Overall with everything put together it made the logo more realistic and seem a lot like a school logo.

To have improved my photoshop piece of work I could have made the colours look a bit more interesting by maybe turning down he brightness and contrast of some  and editing certain sections of the colour. I could have also chosen a font that maybe wasn't on photoshop and got one of the internet. But in the end I think if I was to improve i would just have to spend more time on learning how to use it  to make my understanding of it a lot clearer.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Photoshop Research Task

Photoshop (How to take out background)

1. Go to the image in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

2. If its a background make it into a layer.

3. Then add a layer mask witch is the button in the bottom right that looks like this 

4. Then go to your brush tool and make sure hardness is at 70% 

5. You can now just click and drag and start deleting the background

6. If you wanted to you can even replace the background after deleting it all.


Denotation: Evil super villains with a blue spooky background.

Connotation: Creepy, made to be scary.

Denotation: Back view of a man posing with an American flag background

Connotation: A bit cocky

Denotation: A women stroke her backside with a black glove and white dress and background

Connotation: Flirty and sexy

Denotation: 4 men praying with black background

Connotation: Belief, Groups 

Denotation: Random lines with a black background.

Connotation: Mixed up 

Denotation: Two men shaking hands with a view of a street as a background\

Connotation: Friendship/reuniting

Denotation: A bunch of men standing by a statue.

Connotation: Gangs, group

Denotation: Text with an illusion background

Connotation: Crazy/Mad

Denotation: A group of 5 men and 1 women with a checkered background

Connotation: Friendship, Group

Denotations: Crazy album cover with many colours and random pictures placed all over the cover.

Connotation: Kids, Teenagers, Fun, Crazy  

Monday, 16 September 2013


Friday, 6 September 2013

Waterloo road is on at a Thursday night at 8:00. It is on at this time as not many other TV shows are on a Thursday. If they were on a Saturday or Sunday more people would watch x-factor or Britians got talent so they wouldn't get as many views. One of thew reasons that it is on at 8:00 is that it is before the UK watershed which means there isn't as much drug,sex and violence in it.
The producers if this show try to make the cast have a wide range of personalities so that it appeals to lot of people.

Monday, 2 September 2013

This is the waterloo road logo. It is actually a birds eye view of a classroom full of desks. I think they designed this to make it look like the school has no control over students as they have moved the desks to how they want .

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Today i went on my laptop to do some homework and i then watched a film. I also read the newspaper again to find out about the news. I also used my phone a lot to keep in touch as i was out a lot. Once again when i had finished doing my homework for that day, i went on my xbox untill i went to bed. I set my alarm on my phone for the morning so that i would wake up on time for school.